commercial HVAC heating and cooling servicesBuying commercial HVAC equipment is no small investment. So when you are in the market, you want a salesperson you know is working for YOU–not their commission check. You want someone who will be invested in your project from start to finish; not someone who drops off once they’ve sealed the deal. You also want to be confident that you are dealing with someone with experience, and who has the training and on-the-job expertise needed to handle whatever challenge they encounter.

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The fully-licensed consultants at All Weather Heating & Cooling Inc. are everything you want and more. Our consultants specialize in retrofit HVAC installations and know commercial climate control backward and forwards, inside and out.

It’s what we live and breathe, so to speak.

Whether you are a mom-and-pop shop or a huge commercial plant, your dedicated consultant will put their extensive experience to work determining the best solution for your individual situation. We will make sure we provide the technical explanations and consulting you need every step of the way so that you can feel confident and in-the-know on throughout the course of your HVAC project.

Our personalized approach to repairs and installation means that your commercial cooling and heating system needs get customized service, regardless of the size or scope of the project. The skills and knowledge that we bring to every project are numerous, and we eagerly offer them for your HVAC needs.

Commercial HVAC Repair and Installation Services

Some of the commercial HVAC services All Weather Heating and Cooling provides include:

Additional Commercial HVAC Services

Maintenance and Emergency Servicing

We see each and every maintenance or emergency service call as an opportunity to improve our clients’ comfort and reduce energy costs. That’s why our service team and engineering department make it their goal to be familiar with each client facility. We strive to take a proactive approach finding energy-saving opportunities for you.

Energy Management

In a commercial space, energy management is more than just shutting off the lights at the end of the day. Having a customized Energy Controls Systems is essential for a building to be truly energy efficient. Our systems offer not only set point and night setback features typical to programmable thermostats, but also cost-saving functions like lighting and water temperature management.


Ventilation systems need regular maintenance to work effectively and efficiently. Using the most up-to-date air quality testing methods, we are able to keep tabs on your air quality and address any concerns that arise before they become serious problems. In addition, your building’s ventilation system impacts far more than just your air quality. It also affects the efficiency with which you can heat or cool your space and thus the amount of money you spend doing so.  Routine maintenance is key to keeping costs under control.

Heating, Cooling & Air

Keeping your commercial building’s climate comfortable is a vital component of daily operations. If it gets too hot or too cold, people and/or equipment suffer. Keep your heating/air systems working efficiently with routine maintenance. Just like a car, spending a little today on the minimal costs of regular “check-ups” and upkeep ensures equipment is operating at peak performance and minimizes the likelihood of future expensive repairs.


Refrigeration systems work hard. They are constantly running and adjusting to keep their interiors within the set temperature limits. Our licensed refrigeration technicians can design, install, and maintain the most energy efficient refrigeration systems available today; and they work diligently to keep your system operating at optimum levels–both mechanically and economically.

Preventative Maintenance Program

We’ve talked a lot about the importance and value of preventative maintenance. And we believe in it so much that we created a preventive maintenance program, designed with your bottom line in mind. Unnecessary equipment repairs can make a mess of the best business plans. Our program is all about proactive prevention and can minimize surprises, lower your energy costs, and extend the life of your equipment.

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Here at All Weather Heating and Cooling Inc., we are proud to be a local Commercial HVAC repair company that services in Durham, Chapel Hill, and Hillsborough communities.  We understand the importance of heating and cooling services for your residential or commercial needs; you can trust All Weather Heating & Cooling will get the job done. Call us at 919-967-9775 or fill out a contact form for HVAC questions or to receive a service quote.

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