preventive hvac system maintenancePlanned Service is a proactive HVAC preventative maintenance program for your residential or commercial system.  Our professional technicians will clean, inspect, and tune-up your heating and cooling system to make sure it is in optimal working order for the upcoming seasonal change.  Using our Planned Service program will help reduce unexpected repair cost and increase the lifespan of your heating and cooling equipment.

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The cost for Planned Service is determined by the size and type of your equipment for your building.  As a precaution, we recommend that all buildings with both heating and air conditioning systems have two planned service calls per year.  For those with only heating systems, one visit per year is recommended.

As an additional perk, Planned Service members receive preferred scheduling and a 10% discount on repair cost (not including scheduled maintenance).  These benefits last for the duration of the year-long agreement (12 months from the date of acceptance with an initial payment.)

Planned Service Benefits

Peace of Mind

Planned Service gives customers the peace of mind of their products; we provide HVAC preventative maintenance and spot out potential problems before they can be a problem.  The Planned Service provides Automatic, Lubrication, Safety Testing, Inspection, and cleaning your HVAC system to keep it running at optimal efficiency.

Expert Technicians at Your Service

Our technicians are experts in all things heating and cooling.  For a planned service, our expert, experienced technicians will inspect and maintain your HVAC system for peak performance.  Our trustworthy technicians will thoroughly identify any components that may need a replacement; so that your family will have a peace of mind for the upcoming season.

Lower Utility Costs

Utility costs are always a concern for commercial or residential customers.  With planned service for the upcoming season, our technicians can identify any problems that may cause a problem, which can save you money on your Duke Energy or PSNC energy bill because studies show that routine HVAC maintenance can save up to 20% on heating and cooling bills.

Maintains Energy Efficiency

A regularly scheduled and routine heating and cooling maintenance ensures your product is running at optimal efficiency, as well as, making sure the product is able to reach the maximum potential expectancy of its lifespan.

Environmental Responsibility

We are dedicated to the conservation of our planet, as a planned service member, you will have the peace of mind knowing that your efforts to sustaining your equipment will help the overall conservation of energy and have a positive impact on the environment and the planet.

Reduction of Major Repair Expenses

One of the biggest benefits of conducting a planned service is the prevention of major repairs and costly equipment failures, which means money of your pocket.

Protects Equipment Warranties

Here at All Weather, we keep accurate, up to date records of all HVAC services and repairs for complete, better equipment management and warranty protection.  Most major brands like Lennox require yearly maintenance examined by a licensed contractor in order to maintain the manufacturer’s warranty.

10% Discount on Parts

As an additional perk, we offer our Planned Service customers an additional 10% off on parts.

Price Protection

When purchasing a Planned Service agreement, our customers will have the peace of mind and assurance knowing that we give a price protection guarantee that the price will not be raised during the duration of the agreement.  Planned Service can be purchased for up to three years in advance with our price protection guarantee.

Priority Scheduling

We understand that things happen and you need assistance.  Planned Service members are offered priority scheduling when they are needing repair or service of any product.

NOTE: Planned Service plans are NOT an insurance policy.  The agreement is for inspections and preventative maintenance on products, along with discounts on parts and services.  All Weather Heating and Cooling reserves all rights to cancel or modify this program without notice.  For any questions or to purchase a plan, please contact us 919-967-9775

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